The will to develop comparative analyzes at the regional level is explained by the need to go beyond a strictly local approach to education issues. In addition, we favor comparative perspectives that deliberately abandon the European or metropolitan area to focus on Oceania, which responds to a triple strategic challenge:

  • to go beyond a framework of island analysis that can quickly lead to overestimate the “exceptional” or “atypical” character of New Caledonia’s education, while some of the problems facing New Caledonia’s educational system today are found, in fairly similar terms, in the States and communities around it.
  • to support the integration movement that allows New Caledonia to become an increasingly recognized regional player, as attested by its membership of the Pacific Islands Forum in September 2016.
  • to insert in the research networks of which the University of New Caledonia is a stakeholder at the regional level, for example within PIURN (Pacific Islands Universities Research Network).

The development of comparative approaches within the Oceania is implemented according to two approaches:

  • Defining the objectives, subjects and research projects including a regional dimension by the members of the laboratory, with the objective to compare the Caledonian realities to those of its neighbors.
  • Collaborating with researchers, laboratories or institutions located in Oceania, both in the English-speaking and French-speaking territories.