Olivier GALY

Associate Professor
Exercise - Health - Lifestyle - Education - Ethnicity


Olivier Galy is Associate Professor, Director of the Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Research in Education at the University of New Caledonia, and scientific co-coordinator of the European Union project “Family farming, Lifestyle and Health in the Pacific” (H2020, MSCA-RISE 2020-2024). His expertise is in the area of exercise physiology, with a focus on understanding the impact on health outcomes of human activity (exercise, physical activity, inactivity, sleep) associated with individual and socio-environmental lifestyle factors. His original approach combines exercise physiology methods and knowledge with digital technologies to study lifestyle in free-living populations such as athletes, schools, families, communities.


  • 2019: Fotsing JM (PI) and Galy O (Scientific co-coordinator and responsible of work package). Project lead: University of New Caledonia. H2020-MSCA-RISE, project 873185 — FALAH: Family farming, Lifestyle and Health in the Pacific; 1 288 000 Euros
  • 2019 : Bertrand S, Galy O. « Comprendre pour mieux agir – Identifier les déterminants de l’obésité infantile au Vanuatu et dans le territoire des îles de Wallis-et-Futuna afin de mettre en place des actions de prévention efficaces » Pacific Fund [French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs]; 18 000 Euros
  • 2019 : Fosting JM and Galy O. « Agriculture familiale, alimentation et santé dans les îles du Pacifique 2 » (AASIP2) Pacific Islands University Research Network Grant; 16 000 Euros
  • 2019: Caillaud C, Pritchard B, Galy O, Allman-Farinelli M and Raubenheimer D. Understanding nutrition transitions: the Indo-Pacific region as a model system. Sydney Food and Nutrition Network seed funding; 35 000 Euros
  • 2019: Caillaud C, Galy O. Developing Digital tools to assess diet and physical activity in children in the Pacific Region. Pacific Fund [French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs]; 24 000 Euros
  • 2018 : Fosting JM, and Galy O. Agriculture familiale, alimentation et santé dans les îles du Pacifique (AASIP). Pacific Islands University Research Network Grant ; 16 000 Euros
  • 2017: Lameta S, Satu K, Quartermain A, Pomaliu K, Sibiya M, Vagi L, Amosa F, Galy O, Bouard S. Addressing threats to traditional food security and diet quality in the rural Pacific Pacific Islands University Research Network Grant; 16 000 Euros
  • 2017 : Galy O, Frayon S, Lerrant Y, Serra Mallol C, Nedjar-Guerre A, Paufique E, Ponidja S, Wacalie F, Wattelez G, Zongo P, Caillaud C, Yacef K. Culture et comportements alimentaires de la jeunesse dans les pays francophones du Pacifique au 21ième siècle : exemple de la Nouvelle-Calédonie. Fondation Nestlé; 40 000 Euros
  • 2017 : Caillaud C, Yacef K, Galy O, Clerc G. I-engage: A multicomponent intervention using human-centred technology to enhance knowledge and skills in self-monitoring physical activity and food choices in adolescents. Diabetes Australia ; 30 000 Euros
  • 2016 : Caillaud C, Yacef K, Galy O.« Applications mobiles connectées pour promouvoir la santé à l’école : un moyen contemporain pour changer les comportements d’activité physique et de consommation de boissons sucrées des jeunes océaniens? ». Pacific Fund [French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs]; 30 000 Euros
  • 2015 : Galy O,Vermeulen W, Siefken K, Morgan G, Yacef K, Caillaud, Muni Toke V, Iati B. Physical activity for today’s Oceanian youth. Pacenet plus European Union seed funding; 10 000 Euros

PhD sutdents:

  • M Zongo, PhD in exercise physiology, ended the 8/12/2018
  • M Loisel, PhD student in information and communication
  • M Paufique, PhD student in exercise physiology
  • M Bertrand,PhD student in exercise physiology
Latest publications

1. Cherrier S, Le Roux PY, Gerard FM, Wattelez G, Galy O. Impact of a neuroscience intervention (NeuroStratE) on the school performance of high school students: academic achievement, self-knowledge and autonomy through a metacognitive approach.Trends in Neuroscience and Education, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.tine.2020.100125Get, 2020.
2. Galy O, Yacef K, Caillaud C. Improving Pacific Adolescents’ Physical Activity Toward International Recommendations: Exploratory Study of a Digital Education App Coupled With Activity Trackers. JMIR Mhealth Uhealth 2019;7(12):e14854 (IF=4.3)
3. Frayon S, Wattelez G, Cavaloc Y, Cherrier S, Lerrant Y, Galy O. Too big or too thin? New Caledonian adolescents’ perceptions of overweight and underweight. American Journal of Human Biology, e23313 (IF= 1.43)
4. Frayon S, Wattelez G, Cherrier S, Cavaloc Y, Lerrant Y, Galy O. Energy drink consumption in a pluri-ethnic population of adolescents in the Pacific. PloS one 14 (3), e0214420, 2019 (IF=2.77)
5. Frayon S, Cherrier S, Cavaloc Y, Wattelez G, Touitou A, Zongo P, Yacef K, Caillaud C, Lerrant Y and Galy O. Nutrition behaviors and sociodemographic factors associated with overweight in the multi-ethnic adolescents of New Caledonia. Ethnicity & health 24 (2), 194-210, 7, 2019. (IF= 2.671)
6. Wattelez G, Frayon S, Cavaloc Y, Cherrier S, Lerrant Y, Galy O. Sugar-sweetened beverage consumption and associated factors in school-going adolescents of New Caledonia. Nutrients 11 (2), 452, 2019. (IF= 4.171)
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Other publications here: https://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=fr&user=PG7ZOzkAAAAJ&view_op=list_works&sortby=pubdate