Jean-François LOISEL

PhD student
Digital inclusion - "Digital media" - Education - Practices - Organization - Collective Work - Communication


Between 2011 and 2015 Jean-François Loisel obtained a Bachelor’s degree and a Research Master in and Communication Information Sciences at the University of Rennes 2.Then he continues his doctoral studies in 2016 by focusing on the inclusion of digital in New Caledonian teachers practices.
He is particularly interested in how teachers work collectively with “digital media.”
In addition, Jean-François Loisel is a trainee doctoral student at the Observatoire Numérique NC, where he conducts surveys (key figures) and organizes events (crossroads of professionals) in connection with his thesis topic.
In parallel, he is a lecturer at the IUT MMI (Multimedia and Internet Business) where he teaches “writing for digital media”.

Latest publications

L’intégration de la « cité par projet » dans le contexte scolaire : quelle adaptation, quelles limites ?